Huge Potential Winnings with Online Keno

One of the reasons online keno has become so popular is the fact that the potential winnings can be tremendous. Though the odds against winning the whole jackpot are incredibly high, even a handful of matches can give players plenty to be happy about.

Big Money on the Line

Regular keno games played in a traditional brick and mortar casino or played at the local bar can have jackpots that are worth hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. When those same games are moved online with thousands of daily players, the potential jackpots can easily climb into the millions. With even more people playing every game, there are more chances than ever to have someone walk away with those huge jackpots every day.

Winning the Game

The thing is, though, winning the whole thing is incredibly rare. In fact, players stand a better chance of winning a state based lottery than they do of winning an online keno game. The way people make money playing keno is by adding up several smaller wins. While almost no one walks away with the jackpot, plenty of people are able to match up anywhere from 10 to 15 numbers out of the available 20. Even a handful of matches can win the player hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Players who want to get a hand on the huge potential winnings of online keno should play the game regularly. Tickets are rarely more than a few dollars, and the chances to win back any money spent make it worth the minimal efforts of playing the game.